Our company has guided us since it was established, and has been built on the core values, which still keep guiding us today.


Our values have shaped our culture supporting our reputation. We have tried to protect, share and improve all our values, codes of ethics and regulations by passing the same from person to person throughout the years. Growth of our presence increasing in number day by day indicates that it is the right time to gather our values under a single document, which will inspire us, and which will bring us closer to each other.


Besides the momentum of our fast growing company extending its operations, we live in a rapidly changing world. It is not sufficient to share only the common opinions anymore; additionally, we are required to be able to express explicitly how to put into practice our liabilities by means of a new document.


Ethics Manual puts our values into practice, and indicates that how such values provide the inspiration for the decisions we adopt during our daily affairs. We rely on all and each of you in respect of protecting and transferring all of our values and codes of ethics, being aware of the fact that we are all liable for behaving in compliance with such values and codes or ethics, and for complying with the regulations, and that we are not required to act in a manner, which may be considered as corruption or attempt to corruption.


We sincerely believe that our commitment to comply with our strong values, and our performance of high ethical standards in respect of each action we take, will befit to us.












Becoming a "World Brand Aerospace Company" with indigenous products and global competitive power.



Leading the development of Turkey's aerospace industry.



Honesty and Integrity;

To observe the laws and the values and codes of ethics of the Company in respect of all relations, and to behave honestly and frankly, and to honor our commitments.


To monitor the changes/developments in the industry and technology, and to support development of creativity skills by taking the principles of constant learning, innovativeness and continuous improvement as the basis.


To convert opportunities into achievements by acting pro-actively in all works/activities, and to be a productive and profitable Company using the sources effectively.

Shareholder Satisfaction;

To understand the expectations of all shareholders, and to ensure complete shareholder satisfaction by satisfying such expectations. To ensure customer satisfaction by adopting a customer-oriented attitude, and to create the environment required to increase the sense of belonging and motivation of the employees, etc.


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