• They establish and maintain a coherent and honest relationship with all parties, with whom/which business relations have been established both internally and externally: Being coherent and honest is not only a concept, which concerns our personal ethics and characteristics, and which is a part of our private life. We should also pay attention to act honestly and coherently in all our attitudes and behaviors at our workplace. Accordingly, we will have ensured a major contribution to create an ethical work place, where all persons will rely on each other more easily within the organization of TAI.
  • They target a high level of working ethics in carrying out the duties, they assume, in the best manner: Working ethics means making efforts to carry out the duties assigned to us in the best manner even if it will not undergo an audit, and to enjoy working and generating. It would be a behavior, which makes us happy, and which increases the man power quality of TAI.
  • They make efforts in order for growth and profitability of TAI by considering the concepts such as productivity and economy, as ethical values, as well: Being productive and economic is not only the corporate targets, but also should be adopted as an ethical attitude required to be paid attention by each member of TAI. Because we exhibit our commitment to our company, providing us with a good source of income and career in the society, through such attitude. TAI is not only the work place of the members of TAI but also second homes thereof. Accordingly, we pay attention to saving and not to waste our sources within the organization of TAI, just as we do at our homes.
  • They make use of and protect any and all kinds of sources of the company, which are entrusted to them, in the best manner: TAI is a national treasure, which is entrusted to the employees of TAI from each level. The sources entrusted to us may be raw materials and tools, buildings, any kinds of human resources or financial resources. We pay attention to use them in a manner to provide the highest benefit for our company.
  • They pay attention to develop themselves in the occupational and general fields, and they are open to any change and feedback: Members of TAI provide very important benefits for themselves and for their institutions by obtaining new information about their occupations and professions and developing  themselves. Any failure in keeping pace with the technology, which is growing fast day by day, will be to the detriment of both ourselves and our company. Failing to be open to the changes moves our corporate towards an obsolete and outdated structure.
  • They maintain their sensitivity in respect of the confidentiality of any kinds of information, which they have obtained within the organization of the company, while they are working and in case of leaving TAI: Even if a good deal of information, generated and used within the organization of TAI, is ordinary information for the employees, such information may have a certain severity level in terms of information security, and may be relating to technical, personnel, commercial and financial issues, which would be detriment to the interests of the company, or which would destroy the reputation of the company, or which would impose legal and financial obligations on the company in case of being shared. In case of disclosure of such information without permission, then it may damage to our national security and interests, and may provide benefits for any foreign states.Therefore, employees of TAI should not disclose any information to the irrelevant parties other than TAI about the company projects, activities/operations and business conduct methods, and they should share information by taking into account the confidentiality level of any information, documents and documentation of TAI, and the obligations for such levels.
  • They pay attention to act respectfully to the fundamental human rights and natural environment during performance of all works and processes: Human rights are a universal concept, and they are also applicable at work places just as at any places. We act sensitively by leading the social issues with the awareness of being a good citizen, and we try to be involved in the non-governmental organizations, in the public interest services, and any proper activities in respect of such matters. Each member of TAI is sensitive about the fact that whether the nature and natural environmental elements are damaged by the work carried out by her/him, or not.
  • They adopt a liable and accountable attitude against the relevant parties in respect of all works and processes: Each member of TAI is aware of the final responsibility of the work s/he carries out. Our executives and employees put the interests of the company ahead of their own interests. The members of TAI always keep in their minds that they are accountable not only to the authority, assigning the relevant work but also to all persons, using the products and services, to which they have contributed, and that the product quality directly relates to human life in the aviation industry. They adopt as an accountable management method to listen any complaints received from the customers and society in relation to the products of TAI, and they reply such complaints seriously, and all employees carry out their works by taking into account such matter. We act in a manner to be in compliance with the identity and prestige of our Company during the meetings and negotiations, held with any internal and/or external organizations/persons, and we just express the opinions of our Company.
  • The members of TAI adopt a transparent, liable and accountable attitude against the relevant parties in respect of all works and processes: Each member of TAI keeps away from any kinds of corruption and bribery practices in respect of all relations, and they also pay reasonable attention to keep away the third parties (subcontractors, suppliers, and agents/representatives and consultants), serving for TAI, from corruption and bribery practices. The most severe sanction is imposed on all employees, who fail to pay reasonable attention to such matters, in line with the discipline regulations of the company; and the members of TAI always pay attention to their appearance by behaving and acting in a manner to represent our company in the best manner in respect of all contacts with the customers, subcontractors, subsidiary industrial companies and public institutions and organizations, with whom business relation is established, and they continuously develop themselves in respect of such matter.
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