Hürriyet Daily News, 29 May 2012 AIRBUS Gets Ailerons Designed in Turkey
The first Turkish-designed aileron produced by Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) has been delivered to Airbus in Ankara. Ailerons are small hinged sections attached to the trailing edge of the wing o...
Hürriyet Daily News, 27 April 2012 TAI Upgrades T-38 Trainer For Air Force
Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) has upgraded the first of Turkish Air Force's aging T-38 advanced training aircraft and delivered it to the military, the company has announced. A statement released...
Air Force Technology Daily Update, 26 April 2012 Turkish Air Force Receives First Upgraded T38M Aircraft
Turkish Air Force (TurAF) has received the first prototype of the T38 jet trainer aircraft with an avionics upgrade from Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI).. The delivery follows the previously award...
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