“HÜRKUŞ” Realizes Its Maiden Flight

29 August 2013

Turkish Basic Trainer Aircraft "HÜRKUŞ", which was designed and manufactured by TAI, to meet the training and Light Attack/Armed Reconnaissance aircraft requirements of Turkish Armed Forces, successfully realized its maiden flight on August 29, 2013 at TAI's premises in Ankara, Kazan.

HÜRKUŞ Flight Test process kicked off with the permission of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation. The flight test period will be completed with the Type Certificate* which will be issued after completion of the test both by DGCA and EASA.

Following the engine start at 07:30 am, HÜRKUŞ, which took off at 07:35 am, completed its maiden flight with gears extended. During the flight, HÜRKUŞ climbed 9500 ft and completed with the control of flight surfaces. HÜRKUŞ has successfully landed after a 33-minute test flight.

TAI's test pilot Murat Özpala, who realized the maiden flight, said that the platform controllability was well as foreseen. He also said: "I felt the power of the aircraft with the high take-off performance with its 1600 hp engine."

As an aviation tradition, Exe. V.P. of Aircraft Group Mr. Özcan Ertem, HÜRKUŞ Chief Engineer Ms. Aylin Ararat and Test Pilot Mr. Murat Özpala were flushed with water to celebrate the successful flight.

The maiden flight was witnessed by the personnel who took part in the program, limited number of state authorities as well as Ms. Gönül Hürkuş, the daughter of the first Turkish civil aviator Vecihi Hürkuş. With this flight, indigenous and certified HÜRKUŞ name has met with the sky again after 78 years.


Turkish Basic Trainer Aircraft "HÜRKUŞ," with its 1600 hp engine, is among the top of the trainers in its class. The aircraft, with systems of pressurized cockpit and ejection seats, was designed by TAI with the opinions/visions of jet pilots. In addition to pilot training missions, HÜRKUŞ is developed to provide a low cost and high accuracy solution to Light Attack/Armed Reconnaissance missions.


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