TAI Delivers The First Ailerons For A350 XWB

31 May 2012

The first aileron of A350 XWB aircraft, designed and manufactured by Turkey's center of technology Turkish Aerospace Industries, Inc. (TAI), has been delivered to Airbus at a ceremony held on May 28, 2012 in Ankara.

The ceremony was participated by many high level dignitaries including Undersecretary for Defense Industries Murad Bayar, TAI's Chairman of the Board Yalçın Kaya and Executive V.P. Procurement of Airbus Klaus Richter. 

The high-tech component, which was designed and manufactured by TAI, is a vital component of the aircraft for flight control. A big market of 6425 aircraft was estimated by Airbus in the forthcoming 20 years under A350 XWB category. TAI is the single source for the A350 XWB ailerons.

Speaking at the ceremony, TAI's Chairman of the Board Yalçın Kaya said that it is an important step for TAI, which aims to become one of the world's largest aviation design centers, to be able to design and manufacture them. Kaya said "This delivery is the success of TAI's capabilities, the policies of on time delivery and competitive prices".

"Definite orders for the A350 XWB are close to 600 as of today, and it is expected that more than 2.000 will be sold. The monthly average manufacturing pace will reach 12 aircraft according to Airbus plans, which means TAI will manufacture the corresponding amount of ailerons," Kaya said. He also added that TAI will continue to try to win other business packages with Airbus.

"TAI and Airbus have long been partners in engineering and manufacturing," said Executive Vice President Procurement of Airbus, Klaus Richter at the ceremony, stating that the Turkish company is a top tier supplier of Airbus.

TAI has been a supplier of Airbus since 1988 and also manufactures the Section 18 panels of A320 familiy other than A350 XWB ailerons.

Being the industrial partner of Airbus Military, TAI is responsible for the design and manufature of A400M aircraft's Forward Center Fuselage, Rear Fuselage, paratroop doors & hatch doors, tail cone and upper shell on rear fuselage, ailerons / spoilers, emergency exit door, lighting and water / waste systems as well as fuselage harness.

TAI has become a major contractor, winning the confidence of international aerospace companies, said Undersecretary for Turkish Defense Industries Murad Bayar, in his speech at the ceremony. He went on to say: "Hopefully, we will see our own planes manufactured by TAI.

The A350 Family provides true long-range capability with seating capacities from 250 to 400-plus passengers. This enables airlines to best match their A350 XWB fleets to route capacity demands, guaranteeing optimum revenue potential and excellent operating efficiency. A total of 548 orders were taken up to the present from 34 different customers. 


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