TAI GmbH, a New Aerospace Company in Germany

11 July 2016

Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) established an aviation company in Hamburg – Germany named "TAI GmbH".

The CEO of TAI Mr. Muharrem DORTKASLI stated that setting a company in Hamburg, which is one of the most important aerospace industry center in Europe, is part of their growth strategy and will constitute the first step of follow on activities in this direction. TAI GmbH is owned %100 by TAI.

The main purpose of this company will be to complement and enhance TAI's capability in aerospace industry by being located nearby aircraft industry in Germany – Europe. The company will be dealing with design, development, manufacturing of aerostructures, support services. At the same time the Company will have authority search for potential aerospace companies for acquisition. Negotiations with a German aerospace company is going on today and an announcement should be expected very soon.

TAI considers this move as a strategic step in integrating with European aerospace industry, primarily with AIRBUS Group. As a first tier supplier to AIRBUS the intent is to contribute more value by assuming bigger responsibilities, in development and manufacturing of bigger/sophisticated aerospace components/products. TAI also plans to create cost effective solutions using the advantages of its home base in Turkey.

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