The Agreement for “Jet Trainer and Fighter Aircraft Conceptual Design Project” is Signed

23 August 2011

Ankara, August 23, 2011 – The agreement for “Jet Trainer and Fighter Aircraft Conceptual Design Project” was signed between the Undersecretariat for the Defense Industries (SSM) and Turkish Aerospace Industries, Inc. (TAI) to begin a national fighter jet project.

The ceremony, held at TAI's facilities in Balgat, Ankara, was attended by Minister of National Defence (MoD) İsmet Yilmaz, Commander of the Turkish Air Force Gen. Mehmet Erten, Deputy MoD Hasan Kemal Yardimci, Undersecretary for the Defense Industries Murad Bayar and many high level military and civilian authorities.

As a resolution of the December 15, 2010 dated meeting of the Defense Industry Executive Committee [SSIK], it was decided that TAI and SSM begin negotiating the details for designing and producing a national fighter jet to meet the 2020 and on requirements of the Turkish Air Force.

As a result of the activities, conducted in line with this resolution, related agreement and technical / administrative documents were prepared and agreed upon.

Within the framework of the agreement, in order to meet the 2020 and on “Jet Trainer and Fighter Aircraft Conceptual Design Project” aircraft, the following will be realized:

  • Determination of the operation requirements,
  • Activities of necessity analyze
  • Definition of the concept of the aircraft and system / sub-systems,
  • Feasibility of national potential and capability,
  • International cooperation models.

By the end of the agreement, the results of the technical and administrative activities will be evaluated by SSIK and decision will be made for the next step.

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