Turkish Basic Trainer Aircraft HÜRKUŞ Successfully Continues Test Flights

01 October 2013


Turkish Basic Trainer Aircraft "HÜRKUŞ", which was designed to meet the training and Light Attack/Armed Reconnaissance aircraft requirements of Turkish Armed Forces, successfully continues its test flights at TAI's premises in Ankara.

Following the completion of ground and taxi tests, HÜRKUŞ realized its maiden flight on August 29, 2013.


  • First Flight: Consequent to the flight permission of SHGM (Turkish Civil Aviation General Directorate) and EASA (European Civil Aviation Authority), the first flight, which was performed on August 29, 2013, lasted 33 minutes. Following the engine start at 07:30 am, HÜRKUŞ, which took off at 07:35 am, completed its maiden flight with open landing gear position at a height of 9500 ft. During the flight, the first checks were performed on control surfaces and a successful landing was realized.
  • 2nd flight was performed on September 12, 2013 at a height of 9950 ft and 135 knots. Static control tests were performed during the 2nd flight.
  • 3rd flight was performed on September 19, 2013 at a height of 10,200 feet and 140 knots. During the 3rd flight, which lasted 33 minutes, trim controls, flap configuration changes and direct approach tests were performed.
  • 4th flight was performed on September 20, 2013 at a height of 10,200 feet and 140 knots. Static stability controls with different flap configurations were checked during the 4th flight that lasted 58 minutes.

Flight tests will continue in the forthcoming period.

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