All Design Data is digitally gathered and managed by Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) means and methods which enables all related disciplines to work from a common, up to date database. Product Structure and Maturity Levels are the key concepts in this area.

Airworthiness and certification requirements and manufacturing criteria are concurrently considered during the design activities. In addition, compliance of the product is demonstrated by static, dynamic, aero elastic, fatigue and damage tolerance analysis.


Selection and qualification of material is done for the developed product and manufacturing processes and testing parameters are defined. Material and Processes Laboratory is established for the purpose of performing required physical, mechanic and chemical tests.


Research and development projects are conducted at national and international platforms in order to stay up to date and also to implement latest technologies to TAI.

Validation and verification activities are performed in terms of Flight, Laboratory and Ground Tests.


The advanced technology research centers of TAI:


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