TAI Starts The “Reverse Brain Drain” Project

Since it's establishment, TAI fulfills the necesities of Turkish Armed Forces with it's custom projects by gaining experience by the participation in global-scale design and development programs with leading international aerospace companies. As a result, TAI sustains the leader role of the Turkish aerospace industry and stands in the center of the attraction point of the aerospace sector in Turkey.

Basic Trainer Aircraft HURKUS,  Medium Altitude Long Endurance (MALE) class Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) ANKA, Attack & Tactical Reconnaissance Helicopter T129 ATAK, Target Drone System TURNA, Electro-optical Reconnaisance and Survalliance Satallite System GOKTURK-2, European consortium about civilian and military development projects (A400M and A350XWB), static and rotary wing aircraft modernization projects (YARASA, ERCIYES, ARI) are completely developed and executed by the TAI and the Turkish Engineers.


  • With the signed "Jet Trainer and Fighter Aircraft " (TX/FX) contract on 23 August 2011; our country finally take the biggest step to manufacture our own customized aircraft.
  • Current engineering, production and aerospace capabilities in our country and TAI that improved year by year , directed us to start the Project of "Helicopter Development Program". Final point will be shared with the public at the same time with the agreement progress .
  • All the future civilian and military satellite projects could be actualized by the facilitating the "Satellite Installation, Test and Integration" plant that was established in TAI organization.

As a result of enlarging of the research and development activities in TAI that concern about the mentioned projects raised necessities to the qualified Labor force in our country, shows us the negative effects of brain drain case. TAI-Turkish Aerospace Industries,Inc., feels that It's time to call for our citizens who is living abroad for evaluating the opportunities in other countries and competent on their professions; besides the skilled Turkish engineers that are having an unique experience by involving to our existing TAI projects.

If you're living abroad and desire to contribute our country and TAI by involving our projects, please click here to fill our application form.

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