Since 1984, TAI Training Center has been providing vocational, personal development and engineering trainings for Turkish Aerospace Industry.

We have a mission of sharing the knowledge among our customers, partners and subcontractors of aerospace manufacturing and engineering obtained for approximately 30 years of experience.

We offer modern and complete training curriculum for preparing participants to perform demanding and high-skill manufacturing, assembly, maintenance and engineering tasks. Our training programs are easily tailored to new and changing customer requirements.

In our training facilities, colocated in Akıncı-Ankara with engineering and production facilities, we can train more than 300 participants at the same time in our fully equipped 20 classrooms with instructors experienced in aerospace industry. To cope with the the changing requirements of the aerospace industry, all our training courses are updated periodically.
Besides vocational and personal development trainings, we have ad-hoc engineering courses devised mainly for new aircraft development programs

We use the latest technology to develop, prepare, review, present, measure, evaluate the feedbacks of the scope and the content of our documents by using new teaching and communicating methods to satisfy our customers demands.

TAI Vocational Education and Training (VET) Program

One of the most important aspects of aerospace industry is to employ qualified manufacturing and maintenance workforce. Vocational Education and Training (VET) is the backbone of personnel qualification program.

Our VET program ensures that all our personnel are qualified for all the tasks they perform. All trainings are carefully designed and planned according to needs of personnel and associated processes.

Our main principle is to renew ourselves to meet the criteria of not only our worldwide air vehicle manufacturers, but also our own original design and developments progressively changing and understand their demands to update our documents.

With more than 500 VET courses on different topics, from air vehicle structure, chemical, composite, mechanical and electrical processes/systems, we are able to deliver 100 000 training hours per year.

TAI Personal Development Training Program

Personal development, which increases the quality of life by reason of earning awareness and which enables coming out and rising up the talent and potential performance, is one of the basic components of lifelong learning. Since the qualifications of a person are building up, his communication skills and interpersonal interactions will get better. It means the person will be more effective and efficient. In addition to the job satisfaction, sense of belonging and motivation of the person will be increased.

Best educated person is whom comprehends the life best. [Helen Keller]

Personal development training program aims to provide the opportunity of well-rounded evolution for participants. Training Program aims personal growth and self improvement. Self improvement greatly helps to understand individuals boundaries and limitations and proposes ways to overcome thoses difficulties.Training program is prepared and presented in order to harmonize personal and organizational goals, orient the employees to the results driven methods, raise productivity and team work perception, upgrade managerial skills and efficiency.

A person is not born educated but lives by education. (Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra)


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