JSF/F-35 Program First TAI Made “Center Fuselage” Leaves the Nest and Takes Flight

13 March 2015

First Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) made "JSF/F-35 Aircraft Center Fuselage" that was delivered to our customers Northrop Grumman and Lockheed Martin on Dec 11, 2013 has been successfully installed and tested in the final assembly line in USA and the aircraft has started its service in February 2015.

TAI's state of the art "JSF/F-35 Center Fuselage Production Facility" is the second source to the program and planned to be in production until 2030s.


In addition to "Center Fuselages", TAI is the single or one of the two sources for JSF/F-35 Program for "Metallic SubAssemblies, Air-to-Ground Alternate Mission Equipment Pylons, Selected Composite Components and Air Inlet Ducts".


Photos by: Lockheed Martin
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