TAI Unveiled Latest Products at IDEF

Defence Turkey, 01 August 2013

HÜRKUŞ, Getting Ready for Various Assignments

At IDEF, TAI unveiled the Mockup of and important developments regarding the Turkish Primary and Basic Training Aircraft that will start the flight tests. HÜRKUŞ was initially developed as a Primary and Basic Aircraft and then gained a capacity that enabled the aircraft to perform the armed tasks. HÜRKUŞ developed by Turkish engineers is now able to fulfill reconnaissance, surveillance and light attack tasks. As HÜRKUŞ' existing infrastructural design which was developed by TAI allows improvement, the aircraft's various functions could be modified in line with the demands of customers.


TAI displayed the very first Local Attack Helicopter T129 ATAK and Helicopter Modernization Mock-up at IDEF. Works and studies for the delivery of T129 ATAK to Turkish Armed Forces are underway.

Delivery of 59 final and 32 optional T129 ATAK Helicopters that would be manufactured by TAI for the Land Forces Command. The T129 ATAK helicopter developed for the conditions of Turkey and according to the demands of the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) started to draw the attention of many countries and began showing up in the international arena.

As it offers relatively cost-efficient solutions and has a low maximum takeoff weight, the T129 ATAK Helicopter is already standing out among its rivals. On May 7, 2013 demonstration flight of T129 ATAK Helicopter took place in Buyukçekmece Bay and it was displayed at the TAI's stand at the fair.

ANKA Blok A UAV System Accepted

TAI displayed its Unmanned Aerial Vehicle family at the stand and preferred the actual vehicles instead of mock-ups. TAI demonstrated the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle " ANKA" System, Target Aircraft Systems Turna and Simsek, UAV System "R-300" and Ground Control Station. TAI's indigenous Turkish Unmanned Aerial Vehicle ANKA was introduced at IDEF in 2011 with its prototype and with its 17.3 meters of wingspan and 1.7 tons take-off weight is among the high capacity unmanned aerial vehicles in its category.

ANKA has low radar visibility with its trunk and wings made of carbon composite material and reconnaissance, surveillance and target acquisition capacities under all climate and night/day conditions. This vehicle also has a diesel engine of 155 horsepower that uses jet fuels and an anti-icing system that could operate during the flight period.

ANKA is designed by Turkish engineers and is almost manufactured with domestic means and with the contribution of local supply chain and sub-industry companies. The vehicle and all its systems were manufactured with the current demands and potential requirements regarding the national needs and exports. Last but not least, its standardization accomplished in line with all military standards and NATO requirements drew the attention of many countries desiring to make joint ventures with Turkey and impressed the participants of IDEF.

The most significant development regarding ANKA at IDEF'13 has been the "Signing Ceremony of the Certificate of Acceptance" between TAI and the Undersecretariat for Defence Industries on May 8, 2013. With the signing of this certificate, the talks for mass production regarding the supply of MALE type UAV System of 10 aircraft for TAF gained an impetus.

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