Logistics General Information

TAI Logistics Services Department is the focal point in TAI to meet Users' Logistics Support needs and to provide on time and cost effective support for air vehicle/system.  The main purpose is to improve product readiness while reducing logistics footprint throughout the product life cycle.

Integrated Logistics Support Functional Activities

TAI Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) activities start with the beginning of the Program and continue until delivery of all products and services in the Program scope...

Maintain / Service Contract Activities

The following contracting activities are performed after the end of contract period according to the customer request;...

Other Services

Providing Maintenance/Repair, Supply, Modernization and Engineering support required by Turkish Armed Forces using domestic and international resources,...


Logistics Support Analysis (LSA)
Maintainability Analysis Capabilities
Technical Documentation Production Capabilities
Spares Production and Provisioning
Ground Support and Test Equipment
User Trainings
Warranty Management

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