Logistics Support Analysis (LSA)

Logistics Support Resources are defined and planned with detailed analyses.  These analyses take into account Customer demands, design requirements, cost effectiveness, target market values, reliability and mission readiness criteria.  The activities in the frame of these analyses;

  • Identifying supportability problems and cost drivers in the early phases of the design process and taking necessary precautions,
  • Keeping maintenance and operation costs at minimum, Identifying necessary logistics support resources (manpower, support equipment, spares etc...) for system life,
  • Developing a standardized and integrated logistics support database to integrate different logistics data sources and to make analysis results available.

Logistics Support Analysis Capabilities;

Logistics Support Analysis activities are performed based on widely accepted International military and civil specifications. 

  • Level of Repair Analysis - LORA

• Maintenance Task Analysis - MTA

• Life Cycle Cost Analysis - LCC


• Spare Parts Optimization Analysis


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