Jet Trainer and Fighter Aircraft Conceptual Design Project

At the Defense Industry Executive Committee on December 15th 2010; it has been decided to start contract negotiations with TAI in order to implement the conceptual design activities for Jet Trainer and Fighter Aircraft to the requirements of Turkish Air Force’s (TurAF) for 2020’s.

On August 23rd 2011 the contract has been signed between The Undersecretariat for the Defense Industry (SSM) and TAI and the project has been initiated on September 29th 2011.
For a period of 2 years, based on the Turkish Air Force’s Jet Trainer and Fighter Aircaft requirements the following activities will be studied:

  • Determining TurAF future Operational Requirements
  • Requirement analysis studies
  • Conceptual design of the aircraft and systems
  • Researching the National Capacity and Capabilities.
  • International Corporation models

At the end of the contract, the schedule and the budget of the development program will be estimated and submitted to SSM and TurAF for the further decisions.

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