Sikorsky UH-60/MH-60

Manufacturing Activities for 1328 S-70A Stabilator, 158 MH-60 Tail Cone & Tail Rotor Pylon and 840 Center Box has been successfully completed and production activities have started for current models.

With Multi Year 9 (MY9) Agreement signed on 2016, manufacturing activities for UH60M, HH series helicopter Tail Cone, Tail Rotor Pylon, Stabilator have started with duration of 5 years.

Additionally, in early 2017, Turkish Utility Helicopter Program (TUHP) Buyback contract has been signed for Cabin, Cockpit, Tail Cone, Tail Rotor Pylon, Stabilator and Composite Kits manufacturing for S-70I and T-70 series.

TAI s performance have continuously improved and rewarded with the "Supplier of The Year" award and World Class Supplier nominations.


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