Supplier Quality

TAI, based on the vision of "Becoming a World Brand Aerospace Company with indigenous products and global competitive power" and based on the quality policy of "Providing customer satisfaction through continuous improvement approach", aims strengthening of the supply chain and continuous improvement in the developing global market.

TAI is not only a rule implementer, but also reach the condition of a rule maker together with the World's biggest limited number of aviation companies, by having the membership of IAQG (International Aerospace Quality Group).

Our local and foreign suppliers cover the manufacturers of the parts which affect the final product for UAV, Military and Commercial Aircraft, Space Systems, Helicopter projects.

Having over one thousand local and foreign approved suppliers, TAI aims to be a strong global company with the support of its suppliers.

Purpose of the Supplier Quality Page is to flow down requirements, that are rising from authority, regulations, standards, customer requirements,  to all suppliers efficiently and fast, and provide an interface in order  to share quality data with the suppliers, interactively.